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Pink is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

When I was a kid I loved the Green Bay Packers.  Football was a once a week thing back then, not a 24-7 pigskin fest.  Legendary Vince Lombardi was the coach and I remember to this day a quote he … Continue reading

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Focus? Depends On Your Perspective

Before typing a word on this blog, I’m contemplating the “send” button.  My index finger quivers, drifts forward, then pulls back.  Like a bad case of finger hiccups.  I’m about to post an out of focus photograph – gaaahhhd! I … Continue reading

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Food Chain = mud in the shorts

If my career has been anything it has been dirty.  Muddy.  Wet.  Down right filthy.  On more than one occasion I have ended a journey with a ceremonial burning of most of the clothes, and often shoes, that I arrived … Continue reading

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Two reason I photograph

Every morning we awake and we choose – where, when, how we will be – choices define a life.

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Taking Flight

“It’s one of those mornings worth waiting for – this light is really sweet.” I said to Will as he finally relented, abandoned his spotting scope and grabbed his camera.  I looked over and he was smiling – he knew … Continue reading

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