Reminder to self: We live in a 3-D world

This is a very simple blog, more an observational reminder to someone who normally has above average observational skills.  Remember you live in a multi-dimensional world – LOOK UP!

One of the other projects I am photographing and videoing in the Louisiana bayou is the life and death of the Chenier Plains.  A unique coastal habitat of huge ancient live oaks that cling to survival along the summit of ancient sand dunes inland from the Gulf shore – they’re fate is in jeopardy.  (More on the Chenier in a later blog.)

In one site the oaks are other-worldly.  Giants, as if grown for a different place and time.  In amongst them we are Lilliputians.  Birds, especially migrating birds assume a particular affection for the safety and resources these limbed leviathan provide.

Live oak (Quercus virginiana)

Gargantuan Live oak (Quercus virginiana) on the Chenier Plains, Louisiana. Photo: Canon 7D, 10mm @ f/16; 1/15sec.; ISO125. Copyright Gerry Ellis/Audubon/Minden Pictures.

While photographing in this site, where the branches are so weighty they are forced to droop under their own weight and seek support on the soil, but continue to grow.  I had just finished creating a series of images and walked head-down under a couple small overhanging branches when I felt the stare.  Not just being watched, but my every inflection scrutinized.  I apprehensively looked about, but not until I looked up, straight up, just a few feet over my head, did I see the golden eyes…

Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

The piercing stare of a Great Horned Owl just a few feet over my head is a reminder I won’t soon forget. Photo: Canon 7D, 400mm @ f/8; 1/400sec.; ISO400. Copyright Gerry Ellis/Audubon/Minden Pictures.

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