2 Responses to Wireless Wings – Geo Tracks Across the Sky

  1. Nikhil Phakey says:


    I know this post is a good few months old, however i am looking into getting a gps geotagging set up for my 7D.

    But i would like to minimise the hassle and just wanted to ask if this set up you used automatically updates the metadata with the GPS when the image is taken?

    And/or if you know which GPS receivers are capable of doing this with the 7D?



    • Gerry says:

      Hi Nikhil,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. The easy answer first. Yes, the system I’m using does auto-update metadata as you move and change location and time. Now the problem, I’m still not sold on the receiver I’m using for the 7D – the only one that has worked consistently is the OnCourse model I use in my original tests (which I wrote about on the blog.) Unfortunately that model is no longer made nor is it available. My next step is the new EOS 1Dx that has just been announced and features a dedicated WFT unit as well as a dedicated receiver. I posted info about it on my blog – and will post test results after I get one in my hands.

      Hope that helps – Gerry

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